How To Achieve Invoice Validation Through Invoice Inspect


Transcepta has three powerful, customizable tools that enable businesses to validate invoices automatically. Invoice Inspect, Invoice Analyze, and PO Cloudmatch™ allow AP departments to automate traditional manual checkpoints, dramatically cutting down on missing data and errors and significantly improving turnaround times.

This post is part of our invoice validation series that provides a roadmap for 100% straight-through invoice processing in Accounts Payable. This post will look specifically at our Invoice Inspect validation feature. 

Invoice Inspect ensures that all invoices submitted to AP include each and every data point as required by the customer. This means not a single invoice will come through with a missing PO number, requestor ID, or other similar data. Invoice Inspect is just one of the tools that help companies attain straight-through invoice processing.

What is Straight-Through Invoice Processing?

Straight-through invoice processing isn't just the elimination of scanning and keying. It is receiving invoices that are ready for payment.

Automating procure-to-pay is revolutionizing how companies manage their supply chains. (See our post Three Big Trends in Procure-To-Pay for more about P2P.)   

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What is Invoice Inspect?

Invoice Inspect ensures that every invoice your AP team receives meets the requirements you set.

Invoice Inspect ensures AP gets:

  • All PO numbers
  • All Requester IDs
  • All Required Fields 

Never again receive an invoice with a missing PO number!

Invoice Inspect and Transcepta’s other straight-through invoice processing tools in their Procure-to-Pay solutions platform helps companies outperform solutions that only focus on receiving invoices electronically without truly digging into all the problems that get in the way of straight-through processing, beyond just getting the invoice in hand. 

If your company is looking for a digital solution to automate AP invoice processing, please read our white paper that explains how it all works in detail.

staight_through_processing_whitepaperTranscepta’s solutions: 

  • Enable fast cycle time
  • Drastically cut AP Costs
  • Eliminate exceptions 
  • Improve connection with suppliers
  • Give access to advanced analytics

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