How PO Flip Fits Into Achieving Straight-Through Processing


The only way to achieve straight-through invoice processing is to move to a true electronic e-invoicing process. True e-invoicing is when invoices are received electronically and validated by technology before they are imported into your AP system. The Transcepta Network provides supplier connectivity options to suppliers of all sizes and sophistication.

The connectivity includes AI and machine learning-based invoice validation products, which prevent errored, unmatched, and incomplete invoice data from entering a business’ ERP system. Transcepta PO Flip is a crucial part of the solution. 

Simply put, PO Flip allows your vendors to flip an electronic PO into an invoice at the click of a button. This straightforward feature isn’t for all of your suppliers, but it is an excellent way for lower volume suppliers to quickly and easily receive your PO and send a pre-matched electronic invoice to you. 

The key benefits of Transcepta PO Flip are:

  • Matches invoices to POs 100% of the time
  • Errors and exceptions are eliminated 
  • Minimizes duplicate invoices
  • Frees up AP’s time in chasing up invoice issues
  • Enables AP to isolate early payment discounts
  • Helps ensure timely payments 
  • Serves as a vital component of the complete supplier connectivity solution


This capability is invaluable to any organization that has suppliers that do not have billing systems or send invoices infrequently. When PO Flip is combined with Transcepta’s other innovative supplier connectivity options, organizations are sure to achieve 100% connectivity and straight-through processing. 

PO Flip benefits suppliers, as well. It allows suppliers to easily create e-invoices that match POs through a one-step process. Suppliers love having the confidence that their invoices will be processed in a timely way.   

You will have a far more reliable and productive AP team with the right digital platform! If your business would like to trial Transcepta PO Flip to see how well the solution works, click below.  


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