Recorded Webinar: Significant Trends in Procure-to-Pay


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Watch our recorded webinar to learn how a full Procure-to-Pay solution can benefit procurement professionals, AP teams, and finance. Learn about the trends that are reducing risk and errors in accounting and connecting businesses to their suppliers securely and efficiently.


  1. How to shift your ERP to the Cloud
  2. How to manage the "massive middle" of suppliers
  3. How AI and automation can transform your AP and procurement

In the webinar, we are joined by Shan Haq, VP of Corporate Strategy and Development for Transcepta. Shan has an extensive background in Procure-to-Pay (P2P), automation and AI. Shan’s goal for the webinar is to outline trends in P2P and offer actionable items that AP professionals can take.

Shan begins by saying that although cloud computing has been in the industry for some time, customers are still navigating their way around how to move their ERP systems into the cloud. He goes over the benefits of cloud management and points out that eventually, everyone will be making this move as this is the direction ERP and procurement are moving. 

With cloud ERP, Shan looks at:

  • The financial considerations, including upfront deployment costs
  • Integration issues to consider
  • The pros and cons of using a third party to host your ERP
  • How you can leverage an ERP cloud system
  • How cloud improves connectivity to suppliers
  • How a cloud system gives you better access to “best of breed” technologies

Watch the video of webinar "3 Significant Trends in Procure to Pay."

Shan goes on to discuss how AP professionals are increasingly seeking better supply chain management tools that increase visibility, real-time access, and efficiency. He explains that historically, large businesses with thousands of unique vendors & suppliers focus on the larger, more sophisticated suppliers with whom they conduct the most transactional volume. He says there tends not to be as much focus on efficiently connecting and managing the “massive middle” group of suppliers, just those larger ones. He says evolving technology is changing this. 

And finally, Shan explains how AI and automation are now meeting supply chain visibility and efficiency demands in the procure-to-pay space. 

AI and automation benefits include:

  • Predictive technology alerting AP of issues to troubleshoot
  • Superior data capture aiding in seamless invoice processing
  • Minimized cycle times 
  • Manual work and cost reductions 


Shan also talks about Transcepta’s 15-year history in working with organizations, customers, and partners across the globe, connecting thousands of small to enterprise-level businesses and suppliers. 

To better understand the current trends in procure-to-pay and how it can improve your entire PO to payment process, check out our recorded webinar today!



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