Eliminate Invoice Exceptions and Reduce Costly Errors With PO Cloudmatch™


Transcepta specializes in providing invoice validation tools that can be tailored to meet a company’s demands. PO Cloudmatch™ helps AP departments achieve straight-through invoice processing, a process that eliminates invoice exceptions and drastically reduces missing information and incorrect data.

This post is part of our invoice validation series that provides a roadmap for 100% straight-through invoice processing in Accounts Payable. In these posts, we walk you through the steps Transcepta takes to ensure invoice validation.

Step 1 - Invoice Inspect - Stops invoices from coming in unless validated by the presence of specific data
Step 2 - Invoice Analyze - Compares invoices to other data resources in the system
Step 3 - PO Cloudmatch - Predicts data when it isn't provided or otherwise contained in on-hand data resources

This post will look at PO Cloudmatch™.

What is Straight-Through Invoicing?

Straight-Through Invoicing means that an invoice that comes through to a customer is received ready for payment without human involvement. The more complete and error-free the invoice data is, the fewer invoice exceptions will occur, reducing and eliminating manual AP adjustments.   

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With today’s technology becoming more automated and sophisticated, companies realize the futility of accepting that invoice processing needs to be an expensive, labor-intensive endeavor. It is not acceptable that missing data and invoice errors come through, putting into motion a series of checks and approvals that must be followed up by AP. This effort is a wasteful, inefficient way to process invoices.  

straight_through_invoice_processing_dashboardTranscepta's validation products ensure 100% of invoices that come through to a business are processed through a straight-through, automated procedure. 

What is PO Cloudmatch™?   

The first step in achieving 100% straight-through invoice processing is to connect electronically to suppliers.

Unfortunately, OCR scanning and most e-invoicing platforms do not provide a true digital connection as these systems are susceptible to high-error rates, which then requires AP to investigate and troubleshoot. (Please see Why OCR is Not E-Invoicing and Is PDF Invoicing Really E-Invoicing for more information.)

po_cloudmatch_technologyPO Cloudmatch™ helps ensure the incoming supplier data is complete and error-free. It achieves this with AI based technology that ensures two and three-way matching even when suppliers do not provide all of the required data on the invoice. 

PO Cloudmatch™ not only catches errors but auto-populates missing data that a supplier leaves off. This saves AP the time and trouble of chasing these required data points. 

PO Cloudmatch™ helps AP departments:

  • Receive complete, error-free data
  • Reduce manual labor
  • Eliminate exceptions  
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Maintain internal compliance, with invoices matching to POs and contracts

Transcepta’s straight-through invoicing features are compatible with all file types, which is required as suppliers inevitably prefer or need to send invoices in a variety of ways based on their own system requirements. 


To learn more about straight-through invoice processing and how this is achieved via Transcepta, please read our white paper that thoroughly outlines the features and immediate benefits and ROI of straight-through processing. 

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