New White Paper: How to Achieve Straight-Through AP Invoice Processing


Straight-through AP invoice processing should be the goal of every accounts payable department. It requires minimal manual intervention. Transcepta helps companies achieve this, and we have created a white paper demonstrating how.

Download our new white paper: Straight-Through Process Your AP Invoices

Straight-through processing means an invoice comes from a supplier straight into a company’s AP system ready to pay. With Transcepta’s technology, an organization can achieve nearly 100% straight-through processing.

staight_through_processing_whitepaperIn the How To Achieve Straight-Through AP Invoice Processing white paper, you will learn how straight-through processing:

  • Enables fast cycle time
  • Drastically cuts AP Costs
  • Eliminates exceptions 
  • Improves connection with suppliers
  • Gives access to advanced analytics

There are current digital processes that improve aspects of AP processing, but not as fast and as error-free as Transcepta's technology allows. OCR scanning, for example, still requires manual labor from AP departments.  

If you are ready to streamline purchasing and accounts payable, download our white paper, which includes an implementation checklist, to help you get started.

Let our white paper show you:  

  • What "true e-invoicing" is and how Transcepta's solution can achieve this best-in-class AP process
  • How AI technology achieves straight-through invoicing 
  • How friction is removed between company departments and suppliers through Transcepta

Download your copy and Straight-Through AP Invoice Processing Implementation Checklist.

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