Accounts Payable As A High Performing Machine - White Paper Bundle


We’ve put together a white paper bundle to help accounts payable managers and professionals understand the latest solutions to streamline, automate, and drastically reduce errors and associated costs in processing invoices.

Transcepta White Paper How to Achieve Straight-Through AP Invoice ProcessingOur first white paper guides you through what straight-through invoicing is and how it can shorten invoice processing time, eliminate exceptions, and reduce overall AP costs.

You will learn how this process:

  • Shortens Cycle Time
  • Eliminates Invoice Exceptions
  • Improves Supplier Connections
  • Drastically Cuts AP Costs
  • And more!

Access to Audio of content here.

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top_trends_p2pAnd our latest white paper provides you the latest trends in Procure-to-Pay.  

The most prominent trends include:

  1. Shifting to ERP in the Cloud
  2. Managing the “Massive Middle” of Suppliers
  3. AI and the Automation of AP and Procurement

We examine each of these trends one by one and discuss how Transcepta fits into your Procure-to-Pay system and delivers strategically on each of these trends.

Access to Audio of content here.

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