Transcepta Network Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Transform Accounts Payable and Procurement Processes

transcept leverages AI fo transform AP and P2P

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - April O6, 2017) - Transcepta, an artificial intelligence-driven platform providing brands with faster, smarter and more accurate procure-to-pay connectivity and collaboration, offers a range of solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that deliver efficiency and profit gains for clients. The company’s supplier network and associated applications are part of the broader trend of AI shaping not only high-tech applications, but also changing how companies make decisions. Transcepta offers a suite of services for clients and their suppliers that use machine learning and predictive analytics to improve accuracy, transaction delivery speed and decision making.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Are Embedded in Platform To Drive Profit, Improve Decision-Making, and Increase Efficiency

Transcepta leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to create systems that are self-improving through the continual addition of data inputs over time. Its services are helping to streamline processes and boost the bottom line for some of today’s leading companies.

"Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are transforming business processes, and setting the expectation from customers for seamless function and automation,” says Ray Parsons, CEO of Transcepta. “Our solutions connect dynamically with suppliers, and use machine learning to provide enormous value for our customers through predictive analytics that consistently ‘learn’ and improve over time. Through our advanced research and talented workforce, we’ve positioned our company to lead the way in the development of AI technology tools for procurement and accounts payable innovation."

The Transcepta network includes invoice validation products that feature 100 percent straight-through invoice processing. Tools include a rules engine that can capture, inspect and analyze invoices to ensure clients receive invoices that fit parameters and it can intelligently compare invoice data to other data sources for improved speed and accuracy. For example, the system can predict with greater than 99 percent accuracy absent data such as missing purchase order line item numbers on an invoice.

Transcepta’s Dynamic Discounting is a smart solution that offers buyers and suppliers more control to optimize profit and cash flow. It allows businesses to pay early and enjoy supplier discounts, with the ability to determine which suppliers are most likely to accept discount offers and when they are most likely to accept them.

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About Transcepta

Transcepta is an artificial intelligence driven platform providing brands with faster, smarter and more accurate procure-to-pay connectivity and collaboration. It dynamically connects procurement and accounts payable professionals with their suppliers, enabling all parties to achieve greater profitability. Every day, thousands of companies access the Transcepta network to improve e-invoicing and procure-to-pay processes, drive financial value across the supply chain, and communicate dynamically. Since 2005, some of the world’s most respected companies have chosen Transcepta. Transcepta is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif. For more information, visit


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