The Power of AI in AP Automation

Most Account Payable teams are aware of the benefits of automating AP. However, many have yet to experience how artificial intelligence (AI) takes AP automation to a higher level.

AI can dramatically improve AP processes if it is applied to the appropriate technology. Unfortunately, most AP automation providers have focused AI investments on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) invoice capture solutions. This is a mistake as OCR, with or without AI, results in errors for AP staff to address.

Transcepta has invested in AI, but rather than chase a fool’s errand around OCR, Transcepta specifically targets AI toward eliminating invoice exceptions. Invoices that don’t match a PO, that are incomplete, or that contain errors require human intervention. AP staff need to follow up with suppliers or internal stakeholders to resolve these invoice exceptions. This is where AI and Transcepta AP automation comes in.

Every invoice that passes through the Transcepta Platform feeds it more data to improve matching probabilities, apply GL codes, and resolve other invoice errors before they reach AP. The good news is with 20 years of processing hundreds of millions of transactions, the Transcepta Supplier Network has seen it all!

Our customers achieved:

  • 94% fewer invoice exceptions.
  • 90% less resource. 
  • 100% end to end visibility. 

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