Recent Stamp Price Increase is Newest Push for Organizations to Move to E-Invoicing

Stamp Price Increase push for einvocing

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - June 13, 2017) - Transcepta, the leading platform for cloud-based supply chain connectivity, dynamic discounting, and other procure-to-pay solutions announced today that the recent US Postal Service stamp price increase is the latest push for companies to move to electronic invoicing.

Within recent years, many organizations have seen the benefits of moving from a paper-based accounts payable department to e-invoicing; including scalable Dynamic Discounting, reduced processing costs, increased invoice approval cycle times, and improved cash management. In addition, the increase in postage rates is driving laggard suppliers to take another look at e-invoicing. The number of suppliers that no longer submit paper invoices and have converted to e-invoicing has increased dramatically. Today, more than ever, suppliers are looking to send invoices to companies in a format that does not require postage and paper costs.

Transcepta is positioned to cater to suppliers with helpful supplier on-boarding programs and the ability to meet customer AP e-invoicing requirements even when a supplier simply emails a PDF invoice. Further, Transcepta allows suppliers to transact on their network at no cost.

“Our free invoicing model for suppliers, combined with technology that works for both customers and their suppliers, puts Transcepta in a unique place in the market,” said Ray Parsons, Transcepta CEO.


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