How to Get Executive Buy-In to Overhaul Your AP Department

If you’re the head of an accounting department or a CFO, the need for accounts payable (AP) automation is obvious.

Relying on paper-based workflows is both error-prone and gobbles up significant chunks of time needlessly. It’s impossible for your AP team to work efficiently and produce at their highest levels. Rather than focusing effort on the most important things, your team ends up spending countless hours pushing paper, handling invoices, looking for supporting documents to fix invoice exceptions and getting approvals.

While cutting wasted labor by adding automation to your department might seem like a no-brainer to you, that initiative has to compete against a number of other projects, which can make it difficult to get your CEO on board.

When you’re looking to automate AP, you first need to demonstrate that there will be a strong return on investment that will save you money. To get your CEO to sign off on your idea, you’ll also have to differentiate your project. Keep reading for three easy ways to make the case for AP automation.

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