Five Signs It Might Be Time to Jump on the AP Automation Train

Thinking about upgrading your AP game? Here are five signs your company might be ready to hop on the AP automation bandwagon.

Feeling the Invoice Overflow

Got a flood of invoices coming your way? Manual invoice processing can turn into a real headache, especially for smaller AP teams. Imagine your AP team is getting by, barely. But then, boom! Seasonality or uptick in growth and suddenly you're staring at a seemingly insurmountable backlog.

Your AP team might start drowning in this sea of invoices. Manual processing can lead to late payments, missed early pay discounts, mistakes, and headaches. With AP automation, you can tackle this invoice tsunami more efficiently, avoiding backlogs and keeping everyone happy.

Playing Private Investigator with Invoice Errors

Ever feel like you're playing a never-ending game of "private investigator” with your invoices? Whether it's missing information, unknown approvers, or GL coding mistakes, constant errors can drive you up the wall. With AP automation, you can cut down on these mistakes by automatically checking and validating invoice data. Say goodbye to the error hunt!

The Approval Marathon

Waiting for invoice approvals can feel like watching paint dry. Multiple approval levels and bottlenecks can slow down payments and annoy suppliers.

Imagine an invoice has to go through three layers of approval. Each step adds more time to the process. With AP automation, you can speed up approvals by setting up custom workflows, approval reminders, and tracking to ensure efficient, speedy approval processes.

Fraud Alert!

Worried about fraudsters trying to sneak into your payment system? You're not alone. Fraud attacks are on the rise, and they can hit your bottom line hard.

Picture this: A scammer hacks into your vendor list and creates a fake entry. They send over a fake invoice, and before you know it, money's gone out the door.

AP automation can help you spot these shady invoices before they cause any damage. Automated checks and vendor verification can keep your payments safe and sound.

Still Wondering?

If you're nodding your head at any of these signs, it might be time to consider AP automation. It's not just about saving time or avoiding mistakes; it's about keeping your AP team sane and your suppliers happy.

So, are you ready to make the switch?

Reach out to us today and let's get started!