New White Paper: 3 Significant Trends in Procure-to-Pay

2 trends in Procure-to-pay

In our latest white paper Trancepta reveals the three most significant market trends in Procure-to-Pay and discuss what’s in it for you.

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Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solutions offer many benefits to customers across every industry. They streamline procurement and accounts payable processes through the implementation of automation tools and networks that connect customers with their supply chain.

Learn the top three trends in P2P that organizations of all sizes can leverage. And, significantly, how the implementation of a full Procure-to-Pay solution can benefit your company on multiple fronts.

Transcepta has seen the implementation of an integrated P2P solution help stakeholders make better decisions across the company:

  • Procurement professionals want to reduce risk and manage their suppliers more effectively
  • AP teams need to reduce processing costs and errors, and increase efficiency
  • Finance needs better visibility into unvouchered receipts so that they can accrue accurately for corporate liability.


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Companies should become knowledgeable about several trends currently taking place and what impact they can have on future P2P decisions.

The most prominent trends include:

1.  Shifting to ERP in the Cloud

2.  Managing the “Massive Middle” of Suppliers

3.  AI and the Automation of AP and Procurement

Each of these Procure-to-Pay trends can affect corporate operations while increasing profitability positively.

We examine each of these trends one by one and also discuss how Transcepta fits into your Procure-to-Pay system and delivers strategically on each of these trends.


Transcepta White Paper Top Trends in Procure-to-Pay